Circle Tight Long

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One of the key pieces to the Dakota Chappy Fashion Freedom System of Dressing. This garment brilliantly bridges the gap between a wardrobe based on a wide leg pant vs. a narrow leg pant. As a one size wonder seamless slip on garment, it has many uses. It is an inner wear/ outer wear concept. It can be worn outside as a skirt for fashion or modesty, underneath dresses or skirts as a slip for modesty, control, and coverage, and also on your midsection to replace a complete tank in a layered look such as a crop top or Total Creation. The long length is recommended for moderate to active activity (think personal attendant for a wedding or airline travel), and for women 5' 5'' or taller. This is also the preferred length of tier 2 size ladies (XL and up but works great on tier 1 sizes as well XL and under) Proudly made in the USA of nylon and spandex, tagless and amazing!