Total Jean

  • Reversible Sandals

  • Comfort, Function and Fashion Collide
  • Affordable, Attainable Luxury

  • Fine Furs and Cashmere

Reversible Sandals

Comfort, Function and Fashion Collide

Affordable, Attainable Luxury

Fine Furs and Cashmere


I completely and totally doubted it but was so intrigued. I watched all the videos there were at the time and i loved the idea of it. but, oh my goodness this FT business owner with 5 children is on a budget! I was sooo not spending that kind of money on one piece. So I got online ordered a couple high quality unitards...... eh not impressed. So after I spent more money on a new pair of control top leggings and a control cami I couldnt resist anymore. The torture! Seriously the extreme uncomfort, constant adjusting. And rolling of the garment (which bruised my ribs) made me wanna run straight in and get a total tight. I mean if it really is as good as they say it'll be worth it. I ordered mine and it was the absolute best investment Ive made for my wardrobe. I only have the one, but I wear it ALL of the time, at least 4 days a week. It washes like a dream and hasn't lost any shape and I've had it for 4 months now. I'm so much more comfortable! No need for shlumpy clothes when I can throw on my total tight and a cute tunic! Everything I wear with my total tight just fits better no super duper lumps and bumps smooshing around from uncomfortable waist bands. Ive been able to get rid of so many clothes. My mornings are so much easier now and quicker. This Mamma is so thankful for Chappy and the total tight. I can't wait to get more and add other pieces to my closet!

Elise Houle

I am a loyal member of the total tight nation. I was terrified to try it. I thought it would never fit me. Chappy very calmly said to try it on and let her know when I was ready. It felt amazing right away. I could move and I could breathe. I wore it to the fair and was not hot in it. I wear one every day and I do own more than one. I wouldn't even think of not wearing one every day. Going to the bathroom is no problem. Slip your arms out of your sleeves and leave your top around your neck. Slip down the total tight and that's it. Washing it takes a few minutes. Very short drying time hanging. My circulation has improved as has my energy and the way I feel about myself when I get dressed every day. I am never going back. I LOVE my total tights.

Mary Schmidt

We know what you are going through

As a woman I know what it's like to get up in the morning in preparation for the day to go to the closet and try several things on and to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, literally baffled. How is it possible that we could have a closet full of clothes and still feel like we have nothing to wear. It is a combination overload of option overload, decision overload, expectation overload. Everyone wants to reach their full style potential and the first decisions we make each day as women is how we are going to present ourselves to others which is woven into our self concept. Our goal at Dakota Chappy is to change lives and serve women. We do this through our empowering message of encouraging women to write their own definition of beauty while creating and providing solutions that support that shift in thinking. These versatile pieces we call the foundation to fashion freedom system of dressing keeps a suitcase from getting grossly overpacked, a closet from suffering indecision tornado, and a woman feeling like a failure before she has even walked out of her door in the morning. Give yourself the gift of a chameleon closet and you will understand why simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and how liberating it is to conquer decision.

This is a logical approach to need meets, comfort meets, presentation. For example you need a top, you need to be warm, but you might get hot, to sleeve or not sleeve, the California Cape worn as a bolero is going to give you modesty and warmth worn as a vest it's going to give you interest and airflow. This doesn't require that you completely change your ensemble, simply the way you are wearing. These pieces answer every objection your wardrobe throws at you. Solutions we are about solutions because we believe that we are where fashion means freedom not failure.

Having a chameleon closet also means that as your body changes shape and size that these clothes change with you to meet your need where ever it is up the scale down the scale, pre, mid, post pregnancy. Every age, every size. The total tight fits on a 70 lb. swing. It's all about cost per wear the most expensive item you will ever buy is the item you don't wear. These pieces give you a chance to get out of your own way and wear something more dramatic for an hour of you want, while you sip some Pinot Grigio and then go back to something less dramatic an hour later with nothing to regret because you had nothing to loose. This and so much more is waiting for you..... It's your better life, come get it, you are way to cute to dress average.