Playing BINGO Alone Together. Dakota Chappy Continues to Serve

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[MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA, APRIL 4, 2020] “Quarantine is hard. It’s hard to be so isolated from one another. Mental health is so important right now, and for a lot of people, their social interactions and human connections have been halted because of this outbreak. We continue our commitment to change lives, serve women, and in these times, be the love and the light.”


Chappy Windsor, aka Dakota Chappy, has come up with an innovative way to stay connected with her longtime customers and has found a way to reach new customers as well. While continuing to have a strong online presence, both on Facebook and at her website,, she has also started a weekly BINGO game, in which her customers can win prizes – items from the store, hand-chosen by her.


“We want to create play, to give people something to look forward to each week. We want also to engage with people who may not be in the financial position to purchase from us. We want to make sure that we are creating something where people don’t feel like they have to buy something in order to take part.”


“In a time when headlines are filled with all of the things that we’re losing, we want to help people lean into a winning scenario, and an abundant mindset”, she stated. “We want to create a place where people can gather with friends and shopping buddies, where longtime customers can welcome newcomers in a fun environment, and possibly win something really fun.”


She went on to say, “For many women, shopping for clothing can be a stressful, almost threatening experience. At Chappy’s, we take pride in creating an environment free from that stress, where every woman can feel good about her body and herself. Our customers reflect that. There are times when the customers in our stores offer as much encouragement to one another as our salespeople do. I’ve even seen them offer clothing from their own fitting room for the person in the next to try on. They actually cheer for one another” Chappy said that she wants to reward that camaraderie and that Monday Night BINGO is just the way to do it. Her customers can engage with others in conversations about fashion, learn something new, stay connected, and be thoroughly entertained in the process, with Chappy calling numbers, and the ever-entertaining Daniel at her side.


Bingo will take place every Monday evening at 7:00. Bingo cards can be obtained by commenting “Send me a BINGO card” on any one of the BINGO posts on the Dakota Chappy Minot or Dakota Chappy Bismarck Facebook pages. Just scroll down until you find one.


Dakota Chappy can be found on the web at The store location in Minot is 813 North Broadway. The phone number is 701.839.2427. The Bismarck location can be found at 559 South 7th Street. The phone number is


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