Keeping Paychecks Coming and Customers Connected Amid Brick and Mortar Closures

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[MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA, March 27, 2020] Fashion inventor Dakota Chappy is continuing to do business in her own way during this time of social distancing and quarantine. While her stores in Minot and in Bismarck are currently closed to the public, her website,, is still providing customers with fashions personally chosen (or invented) by her, and also through her shoppable Facebook live sales.


“Keeping the paychecks coming to our dedicated employees is our goal. I felt with our social media presence and loyal customer base we could find a way to stay in the fight safely and not give up. I believe in the spirit of this country and I believe that the heart of an entrepreneur never stops. We have received so much encouragement and support from new and established customers alike. We feel like we are really doing great work here, keeping people connected, bringing love and light, and keeping the money moving in our economy, all while following the guidelines to stop the spread.”


She went on to say, “I have two employees in the Bismarck store, Erin and Des, that are taking shifts to fulfill our online and live sale orders. We see this as a real opportunity to stay connected with our Chappy community, to provide them with a chance to shop and, during our live sales, to even socialize with each other.”


During this time of social distancing, the live sales will be taking place on Facebook every Tuesday and Friday at 7:00 pm. They can be found at Dakota Chappy Bismarck and Dakota Chappy Minot. Chappy will present her fashions, which people can purchase by commenting “Sold”, along with the item number, size, and color. Chappy said that there’s always a lot of chit chat between customers, and lots of entertaining moments between Chappy and Daniel.


“It’s hard right now to feel a part of things, to feel the sense of community that we once had, with our families, our friends, our work and in our neighborhoods. At Dakota Chappy, we miss not only our Chappy work family but also our Chappy customers. Our live sales give us all a chance to be together – to connect as a community.”


She went on to say,

Dakota Chappy can be found on the web at The store location in Minot is 813 North Broadway. The phone number is 701.839.2427. The Bismarck location can be found at 559 South 7th Street. The phone number is


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